Training Clips from May 25th 2017

A little clip I put together from a range of classes one random Thursday evening

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Best of luck to Jakub, with his onwards travels

We’ve had a privilege of Jakub’s company for the last 8 or 9 months, but unfortunately, he’ll be embarking on a new journey next week. We’ll miss him on the mats and hope to see him back at SBG Cork again really soon.

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7 years to get to here and more to come.

Decided to take snaps for a Virtual tour of SBG Cork. This facility is our life’s work and we’re very proud of how far we’ve come.

7 years ago, we had a handful of mats and a pool table. The rest was the result of hard work, sacrifice and perseverance. We’ve had help from a lot of great friends and teammates along the way, not to mention our families at home who put up with the long, unsociable hours.

To everyone who’s been part of the our story, we’re grateful for every last experience we had with you.

This is SBG. You will be ok.

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Hosting the Cork Open

On August 20th, SBG Cork will host the Cork Open MMA Championships.

This will be a tournament for MMA competitors from age 12 to adults ranging from raw beginners to advanced amateurs.

We’re pushing out a few new ideas during this competition, including the 3 experience categories (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). The original MMA Leagues had Rookie and Year 2 categories but since that format ended, no head-shot comps have been just one experience division. With the popularity of these competitions on the rise, the number of entries and rising skill levels mean that the time is ripe for expanding the divisions. This will allow a fairer competition for the raw novices and more of a challenge for those more advanced.

The Advanced division will also allow ammy level fighters to get more matches between their main fights.

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook or the Tournament Registration Page.

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Panic Attacks & Anxiety

James White of the API Clinic is SBG Cork’s resident psychotherapist. He works with clients dealing with a range of issues – one of which is anxiety. Here is some useful information on the subject. For more articles, visit

What is a Panic attack

Panic attack icon design isolated on white. Mental health disorder symbol concept
Panic attack icon design isolated on white. Mental health disorder symbol concept

The easiest way to explain panic attacks is that it is like Fear, so as well all have experienced fear at one time or another the feelings, emotions, thoughts that are attached to fear are similar when one has a panic attack however, people who suffer with panic attacks have this feeling consistently, and the thoughts as well that go with those feelings just keep going round and round in their head.

Some of the Symptoms of panic attacks are

Sweating, Uncontrollable breathing, shortness of breath or choking, Trembling or shaking

Chest pain, or pressure or discomfort, Dizziness, feeling faint, Tingling or numbness in parts of the body, Hot flushes or chills, Feeling strange, feeling self conscious, Feeling of a loss of control

If you have heard of fight or flight, well a panic attack is similar to the flight part, however usually there is not an immediate threat, but flight mode kicks in anyway.

So those who suffer can also go through their life in avoidance mode and due to their challenge avoid all situations that have previously or may put them into this panic / fear mode.

Even though panic attacks can come on quiet quickly People who suffer with panic attacks have that ongoing awareness and this can totally make their life a constant battle to just live life from day to day from moment to moment.

They live in fear of having another attack at any time as well. Panic attacks can also bring on depression  or dependence on drugs or alcohol in some cases  and also have an adverse effect on one’s own personal confidence, self esteem, and self expression

Just like we seen with the email sent to your show


Anxiety mental health symbol isolated on white. Mental disorder icon design
Anxiety mental health symbol isolated on white. Mental disorder icon design

Generalised Anxiety, Health Anxiety, Social Anxiety

Panic attacks can be associated with Anxiety but anxiety is a bit different but you can suffer with both along with other challenges, depression, addictions etc all coping mechanisms.  High Anxiety can develop into a panic attack

Anxiety is usually based around worry,Worry about the future, Worry about money, Worry about what others think and might be saying about you, worry about that pain you have is it ???,

Anxiety Comes with the constant What if questions, what if I fail my exam, what if I can’t do my job what if I am dying and so on. An anxious person generally has a negative outlook a lot of the time.


Restlessness or irritability, Sleeping issues, under or over sleeping, Physical tension, Feeling tired or exhausted all the time


Up bringing… pressure from our guardians to be ……, Social expectations, you should be like ….

Being under constant stress , Media all the negativity broadcast especially now with social media

Constant bombardment of how we should mould our life as our peers say. Peer pressure etc

The difference between the panic and anxiety is sort of like this

Panic brings on sever psychical symptoms immediately along with mental challenges, wheras anxiety is based around negative self critical thoughts and not arrive as a sever psychical symptom as quick. Panic is nearly instantaneously and there in the backround just waiting for its signal to pounce.

How do I help

My work direction, my research and my studies are all to do with the power of the mind, its challenges and how we can work with it to change things for our own wellbeing and benefit, this has been my goal for over the past 5 years, and having overcome some of my own personal challenges using the techniques that I have become qualified in and proficient with have personally and professionally seen how fantastic the outcomes will be for those whom choose to try out for themselves.

Having a daughter whom is on the autism spectrum and whom is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome which has a high anxiety and panic attack as part of the symptom I deal with this on a daily basis at home personally and also through the many clients I have helped over the past 3 years to overcome and move forward in their life more successfully.

Anxiety, panic and depression would be the main specialist areas that I work with along with weight and self confidence and a host of other issues.

Using various different techniques that I have studied and qualified in at the ICHP School of Clinical Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy I use a combination of CBT, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy to assist the client to overcome their challenge to their own benefit.

I usually recommend an initial 4 Wk programme to start for each client suffering with Panic / anxiety challenges and then if required we can move on to a more indebt analysis programme. Most clients see a change within the first 2 sessions but obviously there are those whom require much more.

To reach your potential you must be willing to put in the work to achieve your goals just like the most recent Irish success story Conor McGregor, he uses  mental techniques and the minds ability as well as his psychical muscles and movement and has reached the pinnacle in his sports career and so can everyone one of us do the same and reach our own personal goals but we all need direction and guidance by professionals whom have gone through their own journeys and have the expertise and experience to help you get to yours.

The biggest challenge still here in Ireland is that to go for therapy or help seems to be like you are a failure when it is actually quite the opposite you in fact are quiet strong to reach out for help and recognise that you can do with some focused guidance assisting you to reach your true potential.

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MMA Beginner Workshop Success

Today, wimagee had a beginner workshop on MMA for adults. It was a nice turn out and I was delighted with the effort everyone put in.

We covered a sample of the 3 major ranges of Mixed Martial Arts.

  1. Striking – use of range and footwork
  2. Clinching – entry to double leg takedown
  3. Grappling – transition from side to mount

We also finished with two tasty submissions from the mount (Ezekial choke and Americana Shoulder lock).

By the end of the 2 hour session, all participants did a shark tank drill that allowed them to really drill home the techniques they learned during the session.

For anyone who missed the workshop, don’t worry, you can still join our MMA classes. Book a Free New Member Consultation and we’ll get you started.

The next Beginner MMA workshop will take place in July. Stay tuned for more details.

Video’s from today’s workshop are posted on our facebook feed. Go check it out.


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Making wishes come true

Many Corkonians contributed to Abbey’s Wish to Walk over the last few years. Having had the surgeries she needed, she’s currently working on her rehab at SBG Cork with Magic Mark (Bodymechanix)

Today she hit a personal best of 24 seconds standing independently.

imageShe’s already talking about jumping into kickboxing classes in the coming months.

No excuses. Hard work and determination.

Watch Abbie beat her personal best today at SBG Cork

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William Cooper competes at Grassroots 2

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In Coolmine, Dublin, the Sartori BJJ club ­ run by John & Patrick Sheridan ­ held the “Grassroots 2” BJJ comp. Organised for the benefit of novice competitors nationwide, the tournament is mostly for White Belt competitors and offers them a chance to compete in a low key environment before stepping up to the Irish Open or other large tournaments.

William Cooper from SBG Cork made the trip to Dublin to compete in the teen Division.

“The Sartori gym is a lovely environment. I really enjoyed the experience despite being a bit under the weather. I had 2 fights. My first opponent was Jamie Dickson. We fought all the way to the end and I managed to win on points. My second opponent was Gary Rooney from SBG Concorde. That too went the distance but my opponent got the victory on this occasion. I spent most of that match defending submissions so it was a good battle. As it was a novice competition designed for gaining experience, there were no medals. Well worth the trip to gain valuable match time though”.


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July 30th – Battle Arena 40 – Travel of the Tribe

So July 30th, we hit the long road to Northampton in the UK midlands. Ryan ‘the Hulk’ Spillane is due to defend his Battle Arena European Heavyweight title. His training partner Kieran Pepper will make his long awaited amateur MMA debut in the flyweight division.

13517545_482592178606777_3450227051780929778_oHulk earned the European title back in March, when we travelled to Oxford on short notice to challenge for the strap. With a 10 second headkick KO, a new champ was crowned.

At this point in time, a new challenger has not presented himself but promoter – James Price – is confident he will have a great fight lined up.

Kieran will face a fellow debutant in Farid Achikzai from London Shootfighters. The gym has had a solid stable of fighters down through the years including James ‘Collosus’ Thompson, John Hathaway and Michael ‘Venom’ Page. Click here to see a list of their full fight team. 

I’ve trained with both Hulk and Pepsi now for long enough to have confidence in them regardless of the opponents they face. It really is a case of any fight, any time, any place with these guys.

So far, we have Derek ‘the Crusher’ Hickey joining us on the trip. He’ll be stepping in to gain ringside experience as a shadow judge for the promotion as well as whooping and hooting when our lads enter the arena.

If anyone else is up for making the trip across to Northampton to support the lads, get in touch asap and we’ll help organise flights and accomodation.

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Searching for Strength & Conditioning Knowledge

At SBG, we pride ourselves on smart training practices.

One of the most efficient ways to get better is to follow the correct advise as early as possible. Every where you look, there are armchair experts, keyboard gurus and barstool prophets. Too often, opinions from unqualified sources can have us chasing after results in the wrong direction.

David Galvin (Momentum Performance) is long time member of SBG Cork (and previously K2C). He’s an exercise physiologist with an extensive background in the fitness industry. I (Liam-Og Griffin) have had extensive conversations with him on Strength & Conditioning training practices for combat sports. I’ve always been blown away by the depth of knowledge he brings to the table. From the microbiology of chemical reactions at cellular level, up to energy systems used in different disciplines and everything in between.

tumblr_inline_mngebwQawp1qz4rgpConditioning training for MMA is worlds apart from Boxing, and Muay Thai is miles from BJJ. If you don’t know what the differences are, then you may well be spending hours of training time going in the wrong direction.

Join us at SBG Cork on July 2nd at 2pm for a 90 Practical Workshop on Combat Sports Performance. Learn more about how you can train more efficiently to advance your performance in your chosen sport

Cost: €15

Pre-booking Essential. Contact SBG Cork at 021 430 9693


Follow Momentum performance:

  • Facebook: /MomentumPerformanceCork
  • Twitter: @MomentumPerformanceCork


Train with purpose, not habit. – David Galvin (Momentum Performance)


Visit the Facebook Event page here


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