Our Facility at Northpoint consists of 6 separate training areas, a conference room, 3 treatment rooms, Personal Training Room, showers & changing rooms and a coffee/smoothy dock.

Our training areas include a Striking area (with hanging bags, pads and boxing ring), Grappling area with a caged wall and a custom designed SBG Cork grappling mat, 24’ Octagon Cage, 20’ Boxing Ring, Aerobics Studio with sprung floor, a full time spinning studio with 10 bikes and a fully equipped Strength & Conditioning Area.

Our treatment rooms are used by our resident therapists which provide services in Physiotherapy, Physical therapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling and Nutrition. The conference room is home to regular workshops given by our Strength & Conditioning Coaches, our Nutrition coaches and Physical Therapists.

At SBG, we don’t do things by half measures and we take your health and well being very seriously. That is why we say: “This is SBG… you will be ok”.



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