MMA Beginner Workshop Success

Today, wimagee had a beginner workshop on MMA for adults. It was a nice turn out and I was delighted with the effort everyone put in.

We covered a sample of the 3 major ranges of Mixed Martial Arts.

  1. Striking – use of range and footwork
  2. Clinching – entry to double leg takedown
  3. Grappling – transition from side to mount

We also finished with two tasty submissions from the mount (Ezekial choke and Americana Shoulder lock).

By the end of the 2 hour session, all participants did a shark tank drill that allowed them to really drill home the techniques they learned during the session.

For anyone who missed the workshop, don’t worry, you can still join our MMA classes. Book a Free New Member Consultation and we’ll get you started.

The next Beginner MMA workshop will take place in July. Stay tuned for more details.

Video’s from today’s workshop are posted on our facebook feed. Go check it out.


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