Training Clips from May 25th 2017

A little clip I put together from a range of classes one random Thursday evening

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William Cooper competes at Grassroots 2

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In Coolmine, Dublin, the Sartori BJJ club ­ run by John & Patrick Sheridan ­ held the “Grassroots 2” BJJ comp. Organised for the benefit of novice competitors nationwide, the tournament is mostly for White Belt competitors and offers them a chance to compete in a low key environment before stepping up to the Irish Open or other large tournaments.

William Cooper from SBG Cork made the trip to Dublin to compete in the teen Division.

“The Sartori gym is a lovely environment. I really enjoyed the experience despite being a bit under the weather. I had 2 fights. My first opponent was Jamie Dickson. We fought all the way to the end and I managed to win on points. My second opponent was Gary Rooney from SBG Concorde. That too went the distance but my opponent got the victory on this occasion. I spent most of that match defending submissions so it was a good battle. As it was a novice competition designed for gaining experience, there were no medals. Well worth the trip to gain valuable match time though”.


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Searching for Strength & Conditioning Knowledge

At SBG, we pride ourselves on smart training practices.

One of the most efficient ways to get better is to follow the correct advise as early as possible. Every where you look, there are armchair experts, keyboard gurus and barstool prophets. Too often, opinions from unqualified sources can have us chasing after results in the wrong direction.

David Galvin (Momentum Performance) is long time member of SBG Cork (and previously K2C). He’s an exercise physiologist with an extensive background in the fitness industry. I (Liam-Og Griffin) have had extensive conversations with him on Strength & Conditioning training practices for combat sports. I’ve always been blown away by the depth of knowledge he brings to the table. From the microbiology of chemical reactions at cellular level, up to energy systems used in different disciplines and everything in between.

tumblr_inline_mngebwQawp1qz4rgpConditioning training for MMA is worlds apart from Boxing, and Muay Thai is miles from BJJ. If you don’t know what the differences are, then you may well be spending hours of training time going in the wrong direction.

Join us at SBG Cork on July 2nd at 2pm for a 90 Practical Workshop on Combat Sports Performance. Learn more about how you can train more efficiently to advance your performance in your chosen sport

Cost: €15

Pre-booking Essential. Contact SBG Cork at 021 430 9693


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Train with purpose, not habit. – David Galvin (Momentum Performance)


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