Hosting the Cork Open

On August 20th, SBG Cork will host the Cork Open MMA Championships.

This will be a tournament for MMA competitors from age 12 to adults ranging from raw beginners to advanced amateurs.

We’re pushing out a few new ideas during this competition, including the 3 experience categories (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). The original MMA Leagues had Rookie and Year 2 categories but since that format ended, no head-shot comps have been just one experience division. With the popularity of these competitions on the rise, the number of entries and rising skill levels mean that the time is ripe for expanding the divisions. This will allow a fairer competition for the raw novices and more of a challenge for those more advanced.

The Advanced division will also allow ammy level fighters to get more matches between their main fights.

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook or the Tournament Registration Page.

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William Cooper competes at Grassroots 2

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In Coolmine, Dublin, the Sartori BJJ club ­ run by John & Patrick Sheridan ­ held the “Grassroots 2” BJJ comp. Organised for the benefit of novice competitors nationwide, the tournament is mostly for White Belt competitors and offers them a chance to compete in a low key environment before stepping up to the Irish Open or other large tournaments.

William Cooper from SBG Cork made the trip to Dublin to compete in the teen Division.

“The Sartori gym is a lovely environment. I really enjoyed the experience despite being a bit under the weather. I had 2 fights. My first opponent was Jamie Dickson. We fought all the way to the end and I managed to win on points. My second opponent was Gary Rooney from SBG Concorde. That too went the distance but my opponent got the victory on this occasion. I spent most of that match defending submissions so it was a good battle. As it was a novice competition designed for gaining experience, there were no medals. Well worth the trip to gain valuable match time though”.


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